Saturday, January 10, 2015

Goldfields, Growing Pups and a Great Weekend!

Hello everyone!!

Once again, I apologise for the long wait...I do have a valid excuse though!

On the 3rd of January was a wedding in Virginia. It was the wedding of Sam Celick and Marike Bruwer. Sam is the brother of Max (the tiler).
We left on Friday morning and it was a 6 hour drive to Virginia! Although, it didn't really feel long! That mission is called Goldfields. If you would like to see it or read about it, please click on the link of this mission on the side of my blog.

Anyway, it was so hot there! It was lovely to be there despite all the mosquito's! That first night, the mosquito's had a feast with us! The next day after the wedding, we bought some mosquito repellant. Then, it was payback time!! The second night was pure bliss, no little buzzing noise in my ears and no bites!!!! Yay!!!!

Oh, I got to meet Jessica Celick, she is the youngest sister. There are 8 children and 5 stay here in South Africa currently and 3 stay in America. I hadn't met Jessica or her parents in person before. We were just email friends and we would send things for each other through Oom Peet when he would go to preach. It was so nice because the whole family were in SA for Sam's wedding!
The wedding was so beautiful! Caleb and I were waiters and it was a nice experience!

We stayed for the Sunday service and we ate lunch, then we hit the road and headed for Claridge!!

The next day, we went to fetch Blitzy and Curly from the cattery/kennels. I mentioned that we would put them there in my other post. We walked passed some of the cages and we saw little Curly there! First, I just thought, "Wow, that dog looks just like Curly!" and when I looked closely, it WAS her!!! She was overjoyed! Even Blitzy was excited! We brought them back amd they settled in quickly by God's grace.

The other day, I went to see Kenzo and the 2 pups, Roxy and Mitsie. They are gone SO big!!! I was so amazed!! There are many photo's from Virginia but I didn't upload them yet.

Enjoy these photo's though!

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila

Kenzo, Mitsie and Roxy!


Blitzy went right back to sleeping near to her brother!
Look at Joshy in the next photo, he is asleep on the unfinished deck!

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