Saturday, January 31, 2015

Visitors, Vacation and Very Happy Kids!!


It has been a while..........and I am so sorry for the long wait! These few weeks have been            so busy! After the wedding, it was just one thing after another. 
As I had mentioned in the last post, Katya was here for a week or so, then, Jessica Celick came to Claridge! Yes, her parents went to the main mission and she came here together with her oldest brother Alex and his wife, Olga. Alex and stayed for a day or two and then they flew to Cape Town. Then, Jessica's cousins and the family came for a few days. Oom Peet showed them the main mission and the other mission in Maqhogo (spelling?). 
We had a braai at our house for them, Jessica's cousins are Emily and Abigail and their parents are Uncle Sergei and Aunty Ella, the grandparents came to. They're also from America but Uncle Sergei Selyukov and the family moved to South Africa over a year ago, I think. They live at the Schulzendal Mission in Malelane, you can check out the website, just click on the Malelane link on the side of my blog.
Max and his other brother, Art, also came for the braai and Oom Peet and Tannie Andra, Makhosi and 2 and a half year old Grace, it was SO nice to have a full house! They all also came for breakfast the next morning, everyone enjoyed the food and the company so much!! They left that day after breakfast.

Then, about a week or so later, one of the students at the college (he's from the Netherlands) came to visit with his parents, they stayed over for one night though. His name is Jeffrim and his parents came to visit South Africa, they will leave sometime in February. They had breakfast at our house too, also of course, Tannie Andra and Oom Peet.
On the 24th, we went on vacation to Sodwana Bay, it was beautiful! The weather was hot but we went to the beach and also, we rode quad bikes! That was the best part! We had a short run-down on safety and the controls of the quad bike and then we went on the tour. Each of us rode our own 4 wheeler!! Our vacation was 1 week, we came home on the 31st. 

We picked the kids up from the cattery, we got Joshy his very own carrier! Curly was ecstatic to see us, she could hardly contain herself! Even Joshy was excited, little Blitzy was squealing! We brought them home and Joshy has been going in and out, meowing every few minutes! Just like he did when we came back from our holiday at Mtunzini! 

I won't put any photo's up just yet.....

I just noticed....I got over 2 000 page views!  I reached my goal! Thank you all so much!!

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila 

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