Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sam's Special Send-Off!

Hello, hello!

Yes, I am trying to post more often now. ;)

Anyway, the other day, we took Sam to the dam on the farm to release her. Yes, you heard right....release her. She was getting too big for her tank and she was starting to get bored in there. Oom Peet says that she is too big for predators to get her so, it was the perfect timing for her. We were sad to let her go but she belongs in the dam, that is her natural habitat and if she is happy, then we are too!

She is just over 9 months old now and has really grown in size since that first day that we "adopted" her. I've attached a photo of her at the dam. We took a video of her being released and I will try to upload it.
First, I put her on the bank and she rushed into the water but there was a lot of brush and shrub near the bank and she actually got a little tangled up there. She just stayed there and stared at us, I decided to pick her up out of the water and my Dad slowly put her into the water at another part of the dam, it was further in. She swam so fast, those fat little "feet" moving at top speed! She even stopped to get some air at a lily pad. We just knew that she would love it there and who knows, maybe we might even spot her again one day! If we can recognise her. ;) She was quite chubby when she left and I'm sure all this swimming will cause her to shed a few pounds!

Sorry that this post is a bit short.....but, see you next time!

God bless you,
Sele'ha Mikhaila

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