Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter & An Early Winter?

Hey everyone!

This time I really made you guys wait looooong for a post update! I must apologise for that!

The weather has been quite hard to determine these was hot and then since last week, it was SO cold!!! As if winter had come early! Though I must admit, I love it when it's cold.... :) Most people don't....hahahaha

We will take Curly to the vet soon because for a while, she's had this little lump on the side of her neck. Now however, it is quite big although she shows no signs of discomfort or anything.
Blitzy is lazy since it's been cold, always sleeping....Joshy too.
We miss Sam but we know that she's enjoying herself there. ;)

We had such a blessed Easter weekend! On Good Friday, my parents went to the main mission for the first service, all the co-workers went. On Saturday, we just relaxed at home and watched lovely movies together. Then, on Sunday morning, we left for the mission again! Uncle Erlo took the service and it was so blessed, we all enjoyed it very much. There were many people there. We missed Katya though, she went back to Russia. Well, we just pray that we can go there and visit her! On Monday, we had a lovely braai (BBQ) and my Mom and I made a Russian salad called Shuba, it's a layered vegetable salad. Jessica and her mom gave us the recipe, it is delicious!!!

During the Easter holidays, Renate, Hanna, Lungi and a few other students came to Claridge. We all had such a wonderful time together! We even played badminton, I love it! Such wonderful memories! Over the weekend, there was a large group of people from Escourt, mostly students. We had services for them here and they even sang for us. Our girls from here, did a skit (like a short play). It was so good and had a great lesson too..

Oh, we have harvested maybe about 1 000kg's of dragon fruit!! God has really blessed this mission! I have uploaded photo's for you to enjoy!

God bless,


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