Saturday, February 13, 2016

Learning a Language & a Large Harvest

Привет!! (That's Russian for "Hi")

I don't know if I have mentioned this in my blog before but I am currently learning Russian! I love the language AND the food.....Mmmmm.....
I started learning it a few years ago but I only seriously started a course of it this year so, I've only really made much progress this year. I love learning it, the site that I'm using is called Duolingo, here is the link if you're interested :

They have many languages to choose from and you must complete a daily lesson so, it's not a lot crammed into many hours. It just takes a few minutes to do the lesson and it's enjoyable, I definitely recommend it!

Anyway, what's new in Claridge? Well, it's harvest time for the Dragonfruit! We need all hands on deck since we are harvesting from another farm too. Also, Oom Peet is in America at the moment, he's taking services there. Yesterday and today, the fruit was harvested, cleaned and packed. They're ready to be delivered! My Dad says that they may even need to harvest tomorrow.....the fruit might not be able to wait any longer, it ripens quickly!

Curly is missing her bushy fur now, especially her face fur. She loves to groom her "mustache" and she also likes to push the fur over her eyes. We cut her fur around her eyes often and as soon as it grows, she will use her fluffy paws to pull the fur down to cover her eyes! She doesn't like people to stare into her eyes because then she gets all shy and that's why she prefers the fur to conceal those chocolate brown eyes! She's really smart!
Joshy is lounging on the deck almost everyday, he loves to sleep there after the sun sets because it's much cooler then. These days gave been hot! I think there are a few cooler days predicted next week......that's what the weather forecast says! As you all know, one can't really rely on a forecast, things change!
Blitzy is lazy too, she sleep a lot now.....and then gets very hyperactive during the evening and when it's time for us to go to bed!!

До свидания! ("Goodbye" in Russian)
God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila ♡

Joshy lazing around.

Joshy meowing at my room window...

Blitzy is trying to open it for him, how cute?! 

I'm not sure what type of flower this is but it's beautiful!

More flowers around the house...

One of my favorites, yellow roses!

This is a Hibiscus plant, so gorgeous!

Blitzy taking a cat nap on the leather sofa.

Fooling around in her (and my) room.

My Mom and I made Chocolate Lamingtons!

A Dragonfruit flower, can you see the buds above it?

Each plant bears a lot of flowers, My Dad counted over 40 on one! 

The Dragonfruit are harvested when they're not fully ripe.


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