Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Lazy Little Lassie

Hello dear friends!

Well, it's time for another blog post!

Yesterday, my Mom had to go to the hospital, they have admitted her for about a week because Mom has to have an operation. We pray that all goes well.
Now, this also means that I am on dinner duty!

Here are some photo's...
Blitzy and Joshy 

Hot days are lazy days for these two!

Blitzy simply adores him!

I tried to sketch something this week but Blitzy put a stop to it by sleeping on my sketch pad!!

This is Lassie at Bible House...she's knocked out!!

She gets the best priveleges!

But...who can resist this face?!

Our mission's logo and a beautiful tree in bloom.

Kenzo!! I just LOVE this big fella, he is the perfect gentleman!

My Mom made some fudge --->

Mmm....there is nothing like homemade fudge.

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