Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fathers, Fluffy Pillows and Finally Accepting...?

Hey everyone!

We are already passed the halfway mark in the month of June and 2016 just has 6 months to go! Time flies!!

The days have been cold and wintry but so beautiful. Oom Peet and Tannie Andra are back in South Africa! We have all missed them a lot!
Anyway, my Uncle is still in hospital but is getting better's a long healing process but he's on the road to recovery, we thank the Lord.

On Sunday, we celebrated Father's Day, it was so nice! My Mom, Caleb and I made some special sweet treats for my Dad. They are like sweets if you can call it that, my Dad loved it. Edible gifts seem to be better for my Dad. ;)

Oh, we bought Curly a nice, big, fluffy pillow to put into her basket. She LOVES it! She does look amusing sometimes, sleeping on an elevated platform like that but she enjoys it.
Joshy has grown to be a little more tolerant with Blitzy, it's been almost 5 years since that little fur ball rolled into our lives but Joshy is only slowly starting to accept her now! He allows her to sniff him for a little while, okay, of course she is naughty and still tries to ride on his back but she means well. It's so precious to find them getting along and whenever that happens, I rush to take a photo. Those moments are more often now and it's adorable. Joshy has wayyyyyy more patience for his big sister Curly, he let's her sniff him all over for as long as she likes and she can follow him wherever.....well, except outside, then he has a reputation to protect! Nobody must see this brave boy being smothered with too much attention!

I took a peep at my Pageview count and it's almost 4 000 views! Wow! Thank you!
Sorry that my post is kinda short today but please enjoy the photo's!

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila ♡♡♡

The lovely scones with fresh cream and strawberry jam.

The kids enjoying themselves in my room

Curly in her improved basket.

Our Father's day gifts to our Dad.

These two.... :)

The 3 musketeers! Can you spot Blitzy underneath the chairs?

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