Monday, July 4, 2016

Girls Evening, a Great Conference -Triple Birthdays & a Terrified Tabby

Hello, hello!

It feels like ages since I posted something on this blog.......a lot has happened! This is like 2 blog posts in 1, so that's why I have two titles meshed together. :)

Well, it's Youth Conference time at the main mission and over 7 000 youth attended it, the Lord is so good! Caleb and I went for just one day due to our Uncle being in hospital, he's still in the critical care ward.
The services were such a blessing to us! The conference is a week long with 3 services a day, morning, afternoon and evening. One day is a sports day, this year it was on a Friday. There was just an evening service that day, which Uncle Erlo took. We went on Saturday and it was so full! Here is a link to a post about the conference on the website. It contains photo's and short summaries of the sermons. :

There are a few little videos uploaded onto Youtube too, here is a link to their Youtube channel

If you would like to watch the full services, Click Here
I highly recommend that you guys watch the little play/skit about purity in Christ. It's called The Pearl. Click here to watch
The conference ends tomorrow (5th July).

And in Claridge news......
We have experienced really windy days recently! On Thursday, the wind howled the entire night, it was quite loud and little ginger Joshy was outside. He is scared of the wind although he did toughen up since Blitzy arrived. However, anyone would've been afraid if they were out in that wind!!
Joshy didn't come home for 2 and a half days, I know it's not so long but for him, it's very unusual. We prayed and searched for him outside too.

Then, on Sunday morning he came home! We were so excited to have him with us again. Just before we could leave for church, I noticed that Blitzy was playing underneath the spare bed in my room and then....I heard Joshy's familiar hissing. He was also under the bed! He immediately squeezed out when I called his name, only to be ambushed by that bouncing ball of fur we call Blitzy! She thought that he was playing some sort of a game, she was hitting him and trying to get his attention. He just hissed at her again and proceeded to hide under my bed! I called and tried to coax him out with food but to no avail, he was adamant in sitting there. I had to leave him be.
When we came home from church, I checked for him but he wasn't there! My Mom and I found him inside the cupboard! He nestled himself in a comfy elevated spot, he did seem frightened though. I don't know if he encountered another animal, or if the wind just scared him outside but he's been sleeping in secluded places now. He actually slept the whole night underneath the dining-room table! We just pray that he returns to his old self soon!

Today, I trimmed Curly's fluffy paws. She looks much cuter with those big paws but the vet says that it hurts the pads of her feet when the fur grows between, I had no choice but to snip it! Her fur grows super fast!!

Oh I almost forgot, before the conference, some of the CCE students came to Claridge. One girl, Lysiane Hege (who is from France), suggested that we have a special girls evening. So we arranged it and it was indeed special, we had a lovely dinner by candlelight and Tannie Andra took a little devotion. There were about 10 of us, so it was nice and cosy. Afterwards, Lysiane gave her testimony and all of us got to say what was on our heart. We then had some delicious chocolate cake, mugs of steaming hot cocoa and decadent chocolate truffles....a real chocolate overload!

On the 27th was Oom Peet's birthday and we had a celebration for him, Lysiane made a special ice-cream dessert, soooo yummy! It was also Linda's birthday, she's a student at CCE. was Jessica Celick's birthday too! She was on her way to the main mission for the Youth conference on that day. A triple birthday!
Thank you for taking the time to read my looooong update!

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila ♡

Can you spot Curly? Look closely! She is busy eating an Avocado, hiding it from me!

A beautiful yellow rose from our garden.


My Dad treated my Mom with this lovely bouquet of flowers! 

I tried my hand at icing cupcakes, I usually ice big cakes but this was enjoyable too!

Rainbow style

The colors blend so beautifully!

This is my favorite one.

The table laid for dinner during the girls' evening. How quaint?

Tannie Andra's chocolate cake.

The truffles...♡

Blitzy playing hide-&-seek with me.

I wonder where she is......

Blitzy smothering Joshy

Now it's Curly's turn!

Caleb and I had lunch at the coffeeshop on the main mission and of course, we HAD to treat ourselves with dessert.

The sacrifices we make...hahaha 

Blitzy playing at night too! See the little tail peeping out?

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