Monday, August 22, 2016

Vaccination Visit at the Veterinary Clinic


I haven't posted in like 2 weeks, sorry about that.
Anyway, last week, we took Curly and Blitzy to the vet for their annual vaccinations. Joshy is only due in November so this was a girls' trip. ;) Blitzy was a lot more calm this time, sort of how she was when she was a kitten. So, I think she is over her last traumatic trip to the vet.  The vet says that Curly and Blitzy are in perfect health, just that Curly has to come for a dental appointment soon. Her teeth are healthy but she has a lot of tartar!

There is now a resident cat at the veterinary clinic, her name is Pepsi. Blitzy's nickname is Peppy and this cat kept coming when I was actually speaking to Blitzy. I guess Pepsi and Peppy sound alike! Pepsi is so inquisitive, she tried shoving her paw through the gate of Blitzy's carrier and that was not received well! Pepsi is really very curious and naughty too, I have a video of her pulling "Thank You" cards off the bulletin board in the waiting area! I've uploaded some photos too.

Okay, I've finished my eagle sketch! I'm happy with the end result. :)
This is sort of an early birthday gift to my brother, Caleb. You can take a look at the photo.

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila Dhew

Here she is, trying to befriend Blitzy

Pepsi is naughty

Curly and Blitzy

How cute? 

Joshy can't even drink some milk without his sisters smothering him.

Blitzy inspecting Curly's sofa for some reason.

I just thought this was a lovely photo of Blitzy 

A pair of birds on the deck railing

Joshy, Blitzy & Curly

I'd appreciate it if you don't use the photo's of my sketches without proper accreditation and permission from me. You can find my email address on my Google+ page. Thanks for the co-operation!

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