Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Big Birthday

Hi there!

It was my brother's birthday yesterday and he's had quite a celebration!

My Mom and I baked him a huge Bible themed cake, it's a rich dark chocolate cake with a chocolate buttercream sandwiched between a layer of caramel. It is delicious!! If I do say so myself. ;)
On Saturday, we took him to the Wartburg Hof for lunch, it's such a quaint, little spot. We also went there last year for my Mom's birthday I think, that was during the evening though. This time I ordered a chicken schnitzel, it was so good! Caleb got the Eisbein....their meals are big and the food is really filling, we never finish everything! My Mum and Grand-Aunt had ribs and my Dad had pork strips in a soup with bread dumplings. We had a lot of leftovers which we took home to enjoy the next day. Then, for dessert, my Dad and I had Chocolate Sundaes, my Mom had Malva Pudding with custard and Caleb and our Grand-Aunt had waffles with ice-cream. We shared and could taste a bit of everything. We were super full thereafter, as you can imagine!

That evening, a group of Russian Americans visited Claridge. The Selyukov family brought them, they were actually on their way to the main mission but they stayed over and left on Sunday morning. My Mom and I made crunchies and iced come cupcakes for the visitors.

So, yesterday we went to Spur for breakfast, it's a Native American themed restaurant.....here, in South Africa. ;) Anyway, their breakfasts are delicious, we love it there! My parents would always take us to Spur on our birthdays when we were kids. You can get the staff to sing for you and you get a complementary ice-cream if you're a member of their kids club. We decided to spare Caleb the public celebration since he's not a kid! Later I treated him to some ice-cream at Milky Lane instead, he went for chocolate sauce on his but I got Aero Mint chips on mine.

I think we can safely say that Spring is here and it has brought a taste of summer with it too, it's really hot! It's still windy but it's hot wind. I guess we are never satisfied with the weather! It's either too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry.....etc. We must learn to appreciate and enjoy every season to the fullest.

Have a lovely week!
God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila ♡♡♡♡
The cupcakes


Joshy asleep outside my window

This is how it looks from outside, he's adorable!

Caleb's birthday cake, it's a Bible

See the pages?

This is at the Wartburg Hof

The Eisbein

Chicken Schnitzel

Pork strips in a soup with bread dumplings


Waffle with syrup and ice-cream

Malva Pudding with custard and ice-cream

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