Thursday, September 8, 2016

Beautiful Flowers & a Birthday

Greetings from sunny South Africa!

Spring is definitely here, the sun is shining, flowers are blooming all around us and the air is sweet.....what more could you ask for? It's beautiful!

It was my Mom's birthday on the 7th, yes, it's so close to my brother's birthday!
Anyway, I baked a four layer vanilla cake sandwiched between chocolate buttercream, and topped with a sweet pink buttercream.
We took her out for breakfast and then we stopped at a nursery in the city, my Mom loves flowers, me too! So, we decided to buy some more rose plants. They hadn't bloomed yet and we intend to transplant them soon.

Oh, Tannie Andra and my Mom actually share a birthday by the way. Oom Peet and Tannie Andra are in America at the moment, they are busy with the preaching services in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I've uploaded plenty photos of the flowers at Claridge, it's like a botanical garden, we are so blessed to live amongst such beauty.

Have a blessed weekend!
Sele'ha Mikhaila ♡


I did a petal design on my Mom's cake

Birthday cards

A slice of the cake


At the nursery

How cute is this wheelbarrow?

Joshy and Blitzy 


Even Blitzy admired the flowers!

The driveway

This is a weed but it's so pretty!

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