Sunday, January 1, 2017

A New Year

Happy New Year dear readers!

So, we are in a new year...2017 has come!
We had a blessed service at church today, the message really touched my heart. Our congregation was very small as is usual during holiday time.
We had some visitors from Virginia Mission Goldfields over the weekend, it was Sam and Marike Celick with their baby, Daniel. We attended their wedding in January 2015, click here to see that post. Dasha Celick also came together with Rele Mojaki. It was great to have them in Claridge! Unfortunately they stayed for just one night and headed out yesterday morning for the main mission.

Another family is visiting Claridge too, the van Tonder family, it's Oom Andries, Tannie Lisa and their 4 kids. Their last 2 kids are a set of twins, so adorable! A boy and a girl :) The older 2 are both beautiful little girls, with mouths that can chatter a mile a minute! They're very sweet though!

Oh! I've created an Instagram account for Blitzy, so feel free to take a look, I'll be uploading photos daily! Click here to view it.

I don't have really that many photos to upload on the blog today but I just wanted to greet you all for the new year!

Blessings in Christ,
Sele'ha Mikhaila

Yes, I've posted loads of rose photos so far but they're so beautiful!

2 tone 

Pretty Gaura flowers

My Mom made fresh blueberry tart with ice-cream


A moth

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