Sunday, January 15, 2017

Called Home & a Cat Exploring


My parents have taken 2 weeks off from work after the festive season and we're enjoying it! The roses are blooming like crazy, it's so beautiful! I'm tempted to take a photo each time a new bud blooms! We're so thankful to witness the Lord's beauty in nature.

This week, we decided to let Blitzy out on a little trial run, it has been a year and a half since she has been outside! Yes, that long! Well, a lot had happened during that time, my parents went to America and then my Dad and Caleb still had work on the deck to do and we didn't think it was advisable to send Blitzy out during that sort of "chaos".
She has been very patient and even enjoyed staying inside, she got into a routine and since Summer came rather late last year, she slept a lot on those cold days. Now, Summer is here and she is anxious to go out! So we did send her out through the window and onto the deck. She loved being outside! She sniffed every corner of the deck and then jumped down and went exploring. She is very cautious but she is quite trusting of other animals. The dogs here are scared of Joshy and her so they won't harm them but we were just concerned about the dogs from the farm across the dam. Their owner sometimes brings them onto our main road and they're quite vicious, one of the dogs even bit Kenzo once!
So, my parents are still contemplating whether to send Blitzy out for good or to keep her as an indoor cat....

Yesterday, we got the news that Uncle Kjell Olsen passed away, he was the Dean of Cedar College of Education at the main mission. He had been doing outreach work in India at the time when he suddenly became ill and was rushed to hospital where he passed on. He was a real example of a servant of the Lord Jesus and will be missed! We rejoice in the knowledge that he is with the Lord in Heaven now and are comforted in that. We pray for the family. It will be an adjustment for us not to see him when we go to the mission, he was also one of the main translators at the mission and had a "Word For You" segment on our radio station, Radio Kwezi. Click here to view the announcement of Oom Kjell's passing on the Kwasizabantu Mission website.

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila
Excuse the leaves in the birdbath


Blitzy on the deck!

Looking over.

Inquisitive much?

Eating grass

Blitzy and Joshy 


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