Sunday, January 29, 2017

Mielies, Music & a Marvelous Example

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was the funeral of Oom Kjell Olsen at the main mission, the auditorium was so full! People from Europe came as well as from India, where Oom Kjell was called home. There were many speakers and the Cedar College choir and the main mission choir sang, he was the director of the college. He was known and loved by many and he will be missed though we are comforted in knowing that he is with the Lord, his life is an example to us! You can watch the funeral service here and you can also read a summary of the sermon by Rev. Erlo Stegen here .

Renate is back in SA so it was nice to see her again! The Ministers' Conference will be starting soon, it's from Monday 6th March to Wednesday 8th March.

All at Claridge is going well, the dragonfruit flowers are blooming and it's so beautiful! Some of the Mama's from our congregation gifted Claridge with mielies! Loads of them! For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, it's like corn but bigger and not as sweet, you can also call it maize. We ate some on the cob and then my Mom also made some mielie bread. So delicious!
Oh! How could I forget?! Caleb and I have really wanted to learn a musical instrument, so, our parents bought a keyboard for me and a violin for Caleb. It's going good so far, by God's grace! We enjoy playing it a lot and we're trying to learn music theory, how to to read music and so forth. Caleb is getting good with his violin, it's not an instrument you can hide, the sound is loud! My Dad plays guitar so hopefully we'll branch out into that too!

Blitzy has become so clingy lately, she follows me around everywhere and insists on spending quality time with me every evening! Joshy has been so fussy, he only wants a specific creamy brand of milk! He flat out refused to drink anything else until he got the one he wanted! I gave Curly a claw trim the other day, I try to do it weekly, so she gets used to it.

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila

My keyboard!!!

Caleb's violin! He put temporary markers on it.

A bird using the new birdbath 

Curly sleeping in an awkward place!

Joshy looks like he's selling mielies here! We didn't clean these yet.

My Mum made steak, chips and creamed kale! Delicious!

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