Sunday, February 19, 2017

Keyboard & Keepin' Healthy

Hey everyone!

I do apologize for the long wait!

I had a cold which I probably got from Uncle Paul when they were here not long ago...then, I graciously passed it on to my brother and my Mom had the flu. So, my Dad was the healthy one! I'm happy to announce that now Caleb and I are so to say 100% better now, My Mom is coming along too. :)
Oom Peet is back from his USA trip which went well by God's grace. The work is moving forward there and for that we are thankful to the Lord.  

My keyboard lessons are going very well too, I'm loving it!! I'd say that I'm still very much a beginner but I really want to play Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D which I absolutely LOVE!!!! So, I tried the simplified version of it and it doesn't have the same feel to it as the original, so, I tried my hand at the real version. I watched a video tutorial on YouTube as I can read music but I haven't mastered it yet so I prefer video tutorials at this stage. Anyway, after practicing and practicing the introduction part of the piece, I finally feel comfortable with it and can play it reasonably well. Then, the piano instructor says that part was the easy part! Hahaha...that doesn't phase me though, I shall play it one day! One day within this month...well February is almost over so perhaps within the Feb-March period then.

We have been trying to eat a lot more healthier now and it's going great! You'd be amazed if you read what food contains these days, loads of processed ingredients, GMO's, TBHQ's and so's so dangerous. My Mom read that a high protein low carb lifestyle is wonderful.

Well, I'll end off now,

God bless and have a great week!
Sele'ha Mikhaila ♡  

Blitzy loves jumping onto the door!

Joshy pretending to be a tiger!

Curly after her haircut.

Dreamy eyes...

Sheepish Curly 

Blitzy and Joshy in front of their own rooms which they happen to share with my brother and I. ;)

Blitzy during her keyboard lesson.


Trying to wake her brother up.

He is adorable!

The jungle cat, Joshy 

My Mum made us this delicious dinner! It's my Dad's plate in the pic. :)

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