Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Beautiful Bird

Hello dear readers!

It was a hot day today! My Dad went to help harvest dragonfruit from the other farm and I can imagine how hot it must've been there! Claridge's dragonfruit are coming along nicely too, the flowers are extremely beautiful! One can never get tired of seeing it's beauty.

I have so many photos today, they piled up during this week, I meant to do a blog post over the weekend and upload those photos but I didn't get a chance to, so, I think I'll do 2 different posts today, just so that it's not one looong post, kinda tiresome?
The other day, we were visited by a beautiful bird! I'm not sure what breed it is but I thought it looks like a stork of some sort? Anyway it's still here and is not really afraid of anything, the dogs have yet to see the bird though. Make sure to take a look at @catsofclaridge and @blitzy_the_mini_kitty on Instagram for daily photos of Joshy, Blitzy and Curly as well as updates from Claridge.

God bless and stay tuned for more photos coming your way!!
Sele'ha Mikhaila ♡

My Dad took photos of the mushrooms that are growing on the lawn, unusual shapes, hey? 

This one is more common

The beautiful bird, perhaps a stork?

I collected some feathers for Blitzy and put it in her basket, now she looks like a Native American kitty!


Deep in thought...

How can this pose be comfortable for Joshy?

Miss Freckled Nose Blitzy!

Renate sent some Ferrero Rocher chocolates for delicious!

Blitzy...about to smack Curly, don't worry, I saved her in time!

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