Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ministers Conference & More Harvesting :)

Hello there!

I'm sorry, I had written this post the other day and forgot to upload it to the blog! I just noticed today...anyway, here it is :

This has been a busy and blessed week for us! As you probably know, it's harvest time at Claridge. It's also the week that the Ministers Conference was held, it was from Monday to Wednesday. We went on Tuesday, the first session was at 09:00, Rev Youssef Ourahmane spoke, he is the Operation Mobilisation Algeria Field leader and then there was a short tea break, where they served refreshments. We actually arrived a bit late and missed part of the beginning, we heard that Domino Servite School sang.
The second session was at 11:00 and Rev I.M. Zwane from Richards Bay gave a short devotion, thereafter Advocate Reg Willis spoke. He is the chairperson of the Christian Lawyers Association SA.
Lunch was served afterwards but we headed to the coffeeshop instead, we had to leave before the third session because as I mentioned above, it's harvest time in Claridge so it's busy! We could have lunch with Renate and catch up a bit, it's always lovely to see her.
The next day, my Mom, Caleb and I went to the conference again but this time with Oom Peet and Tannie Andra. My Dad stayed behind at Claridge to help with the harvesting and cleaning. Not everyone could go! Anyway, this time we were on time and the brass band played and the Young Preachers choir sang too. The auditorium was full! All the ministers stayed over of course and there were lots of visitors and ministers from other countries and branches of KwaSizabantu Mission. Rev Youssef Ourahmane took the morning session again and his wife also spoke. The 11:00 session was taken by Prof AndrĂ© Vanbeckevoort (Professor Emeritus & Author), he is from Belgium. The Youth Choir and the young men from Umphakhathi sang during that session. We left afterwards like the previous day but it was a blessing to attend some of the sessions from the conference. It was also great to see so many friends and familiar faces amongst the crowds of visitors.

Back at home, Blitzy, Curly and Joshy were not too happy that we were away for 2 days! I think Blitzy is getting too attached to me these days...she follows me everywhere, like a little puppy! She's so sweet though. :)

Alright, I'll end off now!

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila

The theme of the conference was "Streams of Living Water"

After the service, we had some dessert at the coffeeshop on the mission. This is Mocha Cake with a creamy coffee icing.

Carrot Cake with a cream cheese frosting

Bar One cake with fresh whipped cream

My Dad made a dragonfruit smoothie at home for us! Yum!

Green eyes

Sniffing her paw


Tamarillo, otherwise known as tree tomatoes

A big yawn!

Pretty Blitzy

Waiting for me...

Joshy peepin' inside!

Blitzy watching Curly and Sniffles through the screen door, innovative!

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