Monday, March 20, 2017

Tulsa Visitors & a Turtle Tank


I don't have many updates for you this week but there are loads of photos! Since I have Instagram for Cats of Claridge and Blitzy, I have been taking a lot more photos of my furry friends. ;)

Today we had some visitors over for breakfast. It was Uncle William and Aunty Elena Gavrilov from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am friends with their daughter, Alina Gavrilov. Oom Peet and Tannie Andra are taking them to Virginia for a few days and then they'll spend some time in Claridge too. They were already at the main mission.

Oh, we gave Juliana Matveyuk our fish tank. Do you remember little Sam the turtle? Yes? Well this was her very own tank! We're glad that it can be used again! I think she has 6 fish if I'm not mistaken.
Katya sent some treats for us from Russia, it's delicious!
We're still harvesting dragonfruit by the way.

Anyway, I have to go but enjoy the photos!

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila  



I wonder what she's up to now...?

Curly and Joshy are naughty, they're not allowed on the couch, my Mom had to even put a cover on the seat.

You got any treats to spare?

Granadilla's also known as Passion fruit.

Beautiful dragonfruit!

Cutie pie

Playing hide-and-seek with Blitzy this morning. 


Curious kitty

After a long day....

....a nap sounds good.

Blitzy trying to open the window for Joshy!

Blitzy helping with the laundry

I was making cards and she "helped" me. :)

Katya sent us some Russian treats!

Loads of dragonfruit!

Sam's tank in its new home.

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