Monday, August 13, 2018

An Artistic Approach


Didn't think you'd hear from me again so soon? Hehe I thought so!

Today I'd like to share some of my recent drawings and sketches with you guys. Okay, so I started drawing as a child together with my brother Caleb but didn't actively pursue it for years, I just did it for fun. My Dad is an artist and is really good, my Mum used to do art too. I guess we're an artistic family. Hehe :)
So, a couple years ago, I started trying to improve my skills and I draw a lot more often now. I think every artist is harsh on themself, it's hard to be completely satisfied with each artwork, one always feels like it could have been least that's how I feel! ;)

Anyway, these days I draw mostly Disney art and a few realistic drawings thrown in there too. I mainly drew animal portraits before but I'm branching out into different things. I'm most comfortable sketching animals though I would like to do human portraits too. As mentioned above, I do a lot of Disney art, that's actually a new genre for me! It was never something I considered before but animated art is much quicker for me to do so it motivate's me to continue. I will draw more realistic pictures in these coming weeks, I just need time for those. I don't like to rush it.

I'll end off now, thanks for taking the time to read my post!

God bless,
Sele'ha Dhew

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Enjoy my art :)

P.S. I've just recently received my Prismacolor pencil set so look out for a post on that soon!

Quick Hello Kitty sketch

These are super quick to do!

A bunny cartoon


Not so pleased with this one but one learns from their mistakes I suppose!

Inspired by Little House on the Prairie!

A squirrel and an acorn.

Flower the skunk

A wolf

Timon and Pumbaa


Gary the Snail






Inspired by the Beatrix Potter animal tales for children.


Cookie Monster


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