Sunday, September 23, 2018

Birthdays, Beautiful Flowers & a Bonsai

Hello there,

So, the months of August and September have been quite special!

Firstly, my brother Caleb had a birthday on August 29th and my grandparents vsisted for a week, it was so lovely! We went to an Italian restaurant and the food was delicious!
Oh and my Mum and Dad both have birthdays in September, Mum's is the 7th while my Dad's is the 20th. Yes, we have had many sweet things over these 2 months considering the birthdays! ;)

Spring has arrived at Claridge! All the flowers are in bloom and I don't need to tell you how beautiful it is here! I have taken photos of the Azaleas in our backyard but I still need to photograph the other flowers. Soon!

When we went the Royal Agricultural Show in May, we bought a Bonsai starter kit from a nursery stall. It's a Grewia Occidentalis, otherwise known as a Crossberry tree or Lavender Star Flower. Since it was Winter, we waited to plant the little guy. Fast forward to the first week of September and it was decidedly warmer so we planted it! The box instructions said to soak the seeds in warm water overnight. Apparently this helps stimulate seed germination. It took about 2 weeks to sprout and now it's a healthy little plant. Still pretty tiny but since it is a tree, it will take a while to grow into something we can actually prune into a Bonsai. I'll keep you posted!

God bless,
Sele’ha Mikhaila

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Joshy and Curly are always in places they're not allowed to be!

Gorgeous sunset.

The view from our deck.

Blitzy enjoying the Spring weather.

Beautiful Azaleas

Joshy, Curly and Blitzy waiting for dinner in the middle of the day!

Mum's delicious stir-fry.

My little Crossberry Bonsai (Grewia Occidentalis)

Blitzy watching bird videos in the morning!

Curly with her little scarf on colder days.

Sleepy Blitzy


Joshy enjoying the last rays of sunlight.

Blitzy does not like Curly to sit on her couch!

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