Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Tabby Turns 4!

Hey, sorry for the loooong wait!!!!

It's the Easter holidays!!!! Tomorrow is Easter!!! Yay!

Anyway it was Joshy's birthday on the 26th of March! He turned 4, he's already halfway through his adulthood!

It's not his exact date of birth but we just celebrate on that date :)

Blitzy's is on the 10th of September and Curly well...we also don't know her date of birth so my Mum says that we can celebrate it on my birthday, 27th of May ;)

We were so busy and unfortuanately didn't bake a cake for Joshy but we bought him one! It's a chocolate and cream cake...mmm...yummy!!!

Obviously since it's chocolate we couldn't give any to him but we shall bake him a plain cake sometime!

Happy Easter for tomorrow!!!!!!!

Anyway bye for now...I'll update over the weekend, okay?!

Sele'ha Mikhaila


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