Saturday, March 9, 2013

Christmas Photo's!!!!! At last!

Hey everybody! Since the last post was so sad, I have a HUGE suprise for you!!!!!!! I tried uploading the Christmas photo's and....they finally loaded!

Ahhhh!!! I feel like jumping up and down right now!

As you can see in the photo's, Blitzy was up to her crazy antics again! She was using our Christmas card as a tunnel to play in! Hahaha...

Scroll further down and you'll see the three of them lounging on our front porch! It was a rainy day on Christmas and all three had muddied up the porch! Shame!

There are also a couple of pictures of Joshy triying to clean little Blitzy :)

Can you spot Blitzy in the last picture? Haha she's trying to blend in with the Chrismas decorations!!!

Anyway, I'll create another post today!!!!

Sele'ha Mikhaila Sarah :) <3 xxx

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