Saturday, November 2, 2013

Birthday Girls and Biting Claws


The farm is looking so beautiful with all the flowers blooming and the birds singing, it's pure bliss!

I forgot to mention about two little girls' birthdays! Blitzy turned 2 on the 10th of September (did I post anything about that already?). Then, Roxy turned 1 at the beginning of October! It's so strange to me how Blitzy is older than Roxy! The size difference is tremendous! Hahaha!

Joshy and Curly are both fine! Sorry, this update is reeeeeally short! I'll update again soon!

Sele'ha Mikhaila

Little Blitzy biting her claws!!! >>>

 Blitzy giving her big brother a sniff! >
Her birthday "cake", Curly and Joshy enjoyed eating some but Blitzy doesn't really like cake!

The other birthday girl! How cute is she?! 1 year of bubbly Labrador cuteness!!!

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