Monday, November 25, 2013

Smart Blitzy, Smashing Plants and a Stubborn Tabby!


The farm looks so lovely! There are new plants growing all around us! It's wonderful to watch them grow and with the all the rain we've been having, they really are growing!!!

Curly has to be constantly told not to step on the plants!!

Blitzy is so cute, she's making a little "hammock" with my room curtain almost everyday! She climbs up through the lining of the curtain and plops herself down on the curtain holder( I can't remember the word for that) but she's still in the lining of the curtain! You can just see the silhouette of her little body! The other day, when I came close to her, she lashed out at me and tried to hit me! She weighs down that rail though!

Joshy is being so naughty and is insisting on sitting on the sofa! We have to constantly take him off but he is very stubborn too! You can take him of ten times and he would return! I got to admit, I do admire his perseverance!!

Curly is going to be trimmed soon, just in time for the usual hot weather at Christmas!

My friend, Renate, who is from Germany has told us a lot about the "white Christmas's" they have there! I don't think Claridge will ever experience snow at Christmas because it's summer here in December!

Thanks for reading my post though!

Much love in Christ,
Sele'ha Mikhaila

 Curly on "her" sofa!

The beautiful white roses we planted are  blooming!

These roses are outside Caleb's bedroom window!


 Blitzy climbing up the kitchen curtain!!



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