Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Dad Builds a Deck


Now.....for the moment you've all been waiting for........the finished photo's of the deck that my Dad built for us!
We didn't want the railing to block the view from our bedroom windows so, my Dad didn't put planks across the middle. The deck is around the side of our house, along my parents' bedroom and my bedroom. It's joined to the walls of our bedrooms and my parents' intend to transform their window into a sliding-door!
This week, my Dad also built 2 lovely dining tables with benches. We are so thankful that my Dad could make it.
The Lord is so good, we are blessed to have this deck!

God bless you all this festive season,
Sele'ha Mikhaila ♡

The beautiful cobblestone pathway.

My Dad had never built a staircase before but I think it looks very professional!

The outdoor dining-set

This one was just stained this morning.

A corner of the deck.

The tables from a different angle.

The deck is huge!

Here it is from a distance.

It's connected to half our house.

This is where you enter and then walk around our house.

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