Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Cold Christmas :)

Merry Christmas!!!

Okay, it's the day after Christmas but I didn't get a chance to post anything yesterday.

We had a blessed day! My grandparents are with us. There was no service here in Claridge because only a few people actually attend it at this time. So, we turned the radio on and listened to the service from the main mission, Uncle Erlo Stegen took the sermon of course.
The main mission is now streaming their services live which is great! We haven't watched any services via streaming just yet but we will do that soon. If you would like to watch some of the videos of previous sermons or get connected to tune into upcoming services, you can click on this link :

Christmas falls in Summer for us here in South Africa but yesterday and today, it was actually cold! Really strange weather for this time of year!
Oh! I've noticed that my blog has received over 3 000 views! Wow! Thank you to everyone who viewed it, it's much appreciated! It's always nice to see that I have views from all around the world....from America and Australia to Poland and Russia......

Anyway, here are some photo's.....

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila ♡♡

The turkey 

Leg of lamb and gammon.

Blitzy at the tree.

My Mom baked this Christmas cake!

The Christmas tree with lights

Caleb, my Gran and I laid the table.

The food table...Mmmmm...

My Mom's famous trifle for dessert!

See the layers?

We have reaped dragonfruit early this year! My Dad added the apple. ;)

Blitzy found a nice chair to sleep on.

Joshy earlier on this week.

Curly is very well-behaved, she never begs for food when we're at the table.

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