Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Deck in Progress


I greet you from a wet and misty Claridge! We are thankful for every drop of rain though!

I can happily say that the deck is finally finished! Completely! Now, I must still take some final photo's of it tomorrow but.....here is a sneak preview of it. This is the "behind-the-scenes" part. ;)

First, the holes for the poles had to be "drilled".

Looks just like a mole made them!

In go the poles....

We bought the timber a while back. The courtyard wasn't tiled yet here.

My Dad is very skilled and there's a lot of precision involved in building a deck. 

The supporting beams/planks.

Curly, the little furry helper.

Straight and neat.

The first planks go in.

Aren't they beautiful?

More planks are on, Joshy is already enjoying it here.

Timber galore!

Soon, it had to be joined to the house, of course the wall got a bit dirty...

It goes right around the side of our house.

Eventually, my Dad began with the cobblestone path.

My Dad also built the staircase, Joshy inspected it.

And then Curly...

They tried it out before the railing was built.

Joshy again.

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