Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Birthday to Remember....... :)

Greetings from Claridge!

This has been an eventful time for us!
It was my birthday on Friday (the 27th), and my family decided to have a get-together on the deck to celebrate it, it was supposed to be a surprise but since it was all happening at our house, they had to let me know. ;)
I received so many lovely gifts from my family!! I felt so blessed!
My Mom is doing well and even baked a cake together with my brother, the end result was so beautiful. I was amazed.....
We had yellow rose cupcakes, exquisite cookies, French palmiers and a delicious dinner, of course! Everyone at Claridge attended, it's so nice to have the whole Claridge "family" together.

On Sunday, Nthokozo Nhlabathi took the sermon, he is from the main mission. It's always nice when he comes because he brings his lovely family along too. His wife is Snikiwe and they have 3 little boys, Enoch, Timothy and Lizwi.

Yesterday, we went to the Royal Agricultural Show! We chose to go on a weekday because it's not too busy then. It was so enjoyable, unfortunately I didn't get a prize for my cross-stitched picture but it was still exhibited and for that, I am thankful. I did get 1st prize 2 years ago though. :)
We strolled through the halls......sometimes leisurely and then sometimes quickly to escape the fast-talking salespeople that are trying to get you to buy something that you don't really need! Although, we did end up buying a lot of "necessary" stuff. We couldn't stay too long because my Mom had to rest.
All in all, we enjoyed the time very much! I think I've explained in detail what the show offers in a previous post a few years ago.

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila ♡

Here are some photo's for you to enjoy!

Blitzy was sitting on Joshy's tail and playing with it! He hissed at her for that!!

Blitzy snuggled up in my cupboard...?

All the gifts from my family! My Dad even did a portrait of me!

The tables laid for my birthday celebration.

The sweet treats!

This beautiful cake! It's chocolate on the inside, topped with a buttercream frosting!! Yum!!! My Mom did a rose swirl cake.


The lovely roses...♡

My Dad bought a new water filtration vacuum cleaner and tried it out the other day. Although, he cornered Curly with it and so she had "no choice" but to jump onto the trampoline....to be out of the way!

Here is my finished cross-stitched picture! It's Joshy and Blitzy. I'll upload a better photo as soon as I get it back. 

Some colourful Indian clothing for sale.

Cows!! The brown one really was loud...

This mother and calf are adorable!

I just love ducks. ♡

Some chickens had such unusual feathers.

This one looks like it touched an electric cable!

He really carried himself like he was royalty. 

Woah! Look at that hairstyle!

Beautiful in white.

She looks as if her wing feathers have been artificially curled!

Renate sent me SO many gifts! She is too sweet.

This is from Makhosi, as you can see, we have already opened it! Simply delicious!!

This is from Ree and Sne's parents! I received a lot of sweet things....I'm definitely not complaining though! 

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