Monday, September 16, 2013

Flowers and Finding A Place


So, that grey cat that's been coming here is actually not James! He is just another little kitty!My Mum phoned Joshy's previous owners and they found James before they could leave and so off he went! Sadly, little James was knocked by a car about 2 months after he left Claridge!

But wait, there's more, Joshy had a sister too!!! The three of the were from the same litter. She was a long-haired ginger from what I heard and she went missing here in Claridge! Gosh, Joshy's whole family lived here! How sweet?!

"Charcoal" hasn't showed up for a while now!

We're going on vacation for 5 days and the 3 little kids have to go to a kennel & cattery! We found the perfect place for them, thanks to the Lord! It's an elderly couple and they seem very kind :) The lady asked if we would like to have Curly in the cattery with Joshy and Blitzy(in different cages, of course)!! How wonderful! Curly really thinks she's a cat and I don't think she would've fitted in with all those barking dogs and they would have more peace of mind knowing that they're all together! So would I!!

The flowers are blooming and Claridge looks like SO gorgeous!!!

Here are some photo's of Claridge's beautiful flowers and the kids :)

 Little Roxy giving a big smile!! >>>

 Roxy and Kenzo have gone so chubby!

 The road to Claridge >>>
 The sign of our church on the farm :)

 Here are all the lovely flowers!!!

We were blessed with these gorgeous roses!!!

 Look at that pose!

 Our little king >>>

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