Monday, September 9, 2013

Little Lion and a Long Lost Brother?


I'm SO sorry for the super long wait!!!! 2 weeks, I know! I was sick during the first week and the second was so busy! It was my Mum's birthday and we were celebrating, the whole weekend was busy with different things!

Anyway, Curly went for a haircut but it went horribly wrong!!! Her groomer trimmed her whole back fur and left the front fur, she looked like a little lion! When we got home, my Mum and Dad had to even out the trimming and then she didn't look that bad...I guess.

Joshy has been bringing a friend home! He is a beautiful grey cat and he is coming for Blitzy everyday. She doesn't like him at all, she's been hissing and growling at him through the window!
Curly and Joshy seem to like him though, Joshy even allowed him to drink milk outside on the front porch!

We're not sure but he may or may not be Joshy's brother. When we first moved here, the previous people that lived here had Joshy and another cat named James. When they moved, we only saw Joshy. They said that James was a long-haired brownish gray cat and I know that's completely different to this new cat but Joshy seems to know him. He even let us pet him and he was waiting at the door to go in! I really don't know if he is James or not but we named him Charcoal for now.

Sorry, the signal isn't good to post more photo's!

Sele'ha Mikhaila xxx

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