Saturday, September 28, 2013

Vacation and Very Cute Kitties ;)

Hello :)

I felt extremely sad to leave the kids but...the holiday was just fantastic!!! We went on some lovely trails, then walked on the beach and we went on a boat ride!! It was just absolutely amazing! We can never thank the Botha's enough for blessing us with this wonderful holiday and it was so lovely spend it with them!

The Lord was really watching over the kids! I phoned the lady at the kennels/cattery and she said that Curly is fine and was being walked twice a day, Blitzy even let the lady pet her and Joshy was in his basket the entire time! They weren't eating very well though but they seemed fine otherwise! I was so happy that they were together and that all was well with them!

Anyway, we were having supper every night at the Botha's cabin and they were having breakfast at our cabin. While we were having supper the first night, a big black and white cat came meowing out of the bush. he had thee most beautiful long, bushy, black tail and was adorable! He was fed some meat and guess what happened the next night?

He brought along 3 friends! There was a Russian Blue & White looking one, a stripy silver grey one and another black & white one! They were crying for some meat and all our hearts melted for them! They sure had a feast that night! These cats were laying on the deck and acting so friendly but as soon as you came close, they would scamper off!
The next night a fourth cat showed up, he looked like a tortoise-shell and white but he didn't have any ginger on him. I couldn't get a photo of him sadly!

I've uploaded the photo's of the cats for you....

I only got to take photo's of three of the cats!


Thanks so much and God bless,

Sele'ha Mikhaila

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