Monday, February 22, 2016

A Telescope & a Tree Named Michael


So, we have continued to harvest Dragonfruit this week, God is so good, we have had a bountiful harvest, over 4 tons so far! It is certainly not over yet though and we will harvest again in March-April.
I hear that the services are going well with Oom Peet in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We expect Oom to be back in March.

I forgot to mention that a while back, my Dad bought a telescope! Yep, you heard right! Since we have now acquired the deck, (a great lookout point), we have proceeded to buy this. It is amazing to see the moon and stars so close! My Dad really enjoys his new "toy". We have yet to spot any planets though we're hopeful!

We went out for breakfast on Saturday, it was delicious and then we went to one of our favorite places....a quaint little bookstore and miscellaneous store. We love reading! Later on, we took a lovely walk through the dragonfruit orchards at home, in Claridge. On our way back, I checked on Michael. For those of you who don't know...Micheal is my treasured Avocado plant. My Dad and I nurtured "him" from a seed, once his roots developed, we transferred him to a potplant. He eventually grew too big for it but we were uncertain as to whether we should transplant him or not. Of course, this delay stifled his growth to an extent and he was considerably smaller than his "avo tree peers". Finally, we decided in favor of the transplant and into the ground he went! He has flourished over time and is now taller than the roof of the greenhouses! He has the makings of a magnificent Avocado tree.
I sure enjoyed that walk! Friends, we live in a beautiful country! The weather was cool, the grass was green and the air was crisp and fresh...........

God bless you,
Sele'ha Mikhaila ♡ ♡

Here is a random photo of Blitzy.

And here she is at night, her eyes become so big and cute!

 My Mom made hake filets and I made the chips! (Yes, South Africans say "chips" instead of "fries").

Joshy is always on places that he is NOT allowed!!

This beautiful granadilla flower.

They bear so well....

...though the monkey's love them too! 

An almost fully ripened dragonfruit.

A look through the orchard.

If you look closely, you'll spot Curly on the pathway!

One of our flower patches.

These are so bright and pretty!

Little Blitzy peeping at us through the window.

See her little face?

My beloved avocado tree, Michael.

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