Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Okay, so...my name is Sele'ha Mikhaila Dhewnarian but you can call me on whichever name you prefer, Sele'ha or Mikhaila!

Well, as I've mentioned at the top I live with my family and cats on a farm in Claridge, South Africa.
We used to live in the fast paced city of Durban but after years of praying for a farm, our prayers were answered! Our house is situated on a mission farm, called Kwa-Siza Bantu meaning "Place Where People Are Helped" in Zulu. However this is just the Claridge branch of the mission.

Anyway...when we moved here, the previous owners of the house left their cats behind because they had run away whilst the people were in the process of packing and moving. They said that if we found the cats, we could keep them or send them to the SPCA. Which of course, we did not want to do. So, after about ten days, the one cat, Joshy came home and he wasn't really that tame. That same night he did get pretty used to us and eventually, we became his owners. We never found the other cat, who was said to be a brown long-haired cat named James...shame...
Joshy is a short-haired ginger and white tabby and is about 3 years old, his presumed date of birth is March 26th. His is a HUGE breed! He also is pretty chubby. :)

After about a year or so, we assumed that Joshy might be lonely and adopted a beautiful tortoise-shell kitten. The kitten, together with his siblings were about to be sent to the SPCA because the owners of their mother could not keep them. They told us that he was 3 months old and was a male, which was we wanted. I actually wanted a female but we thought it would be better to get a male.
He was actually only about month at that point but the owners just wanted to get rid of them...So, after 5 months of thinking he was a boy, we found out that in fact, he was a girl! Yes! I was so surprised and yet so happy!!!!! Hahahahahaha...that was really something. When we introduced Joshy to Blitz, she hissed at him! Shame...he felt bad and did not try to extend another hand in friendship after that.
Okay, Blitz's full name is Blitzvinnig, the "v" is pronounced as an "f" and the "g" part is sorta pronounced with a "c" exactly the same way the Dutch pronounce "c". It's an Afrikaans (very much like Dutch) name meaning "Lighting Fast". It's very appropriate for Blitz 'cause she sure can run fast! She was born on September 10th and now she is about a year and 3 months. She is a very small breed of cat and is the size of a 3 month old kitten, if not smaller! Hahaha...so we have an abnormally large cat and an abnormally small cat!!! Crazy, I know! :)

Joshy and Blitz did, however, get used to each other even though Blitz still irritates him just like a smaller sister would. You must see what she does, whenever he enters a room, she jumps on his back and rides him for as long as she can! It's hilarious! Joshy does not like it at all. Haha...shame, he is very tolerant with her. It took a long while but now they do occasionally snuggle up together! Even if Joshy won't admit it, he does like her and she adores him.

Our neighbours go out often and their poor little Australian Maltese Poodle, Curly, is left alone! So, we started befriending her and now she acts as if she is our dog! She is so precious to us and because she is around our cats all the time, she sorta thinks she is one. Curly cleans herself and acts typically like a cat. 

Anyway it was really nice telling you about them and thank you so much for reading my blog! I really appreciate it!!! Here are some pictures of the troop. It's in order from Joshy, Blitzy and then Curly. Bye for now! <3



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