Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Spectacular Play & a Surprised Jackal!


I just wanted to give you a short update for this week.
Okay, on Saturday evening, we headed for the main mission in Kranskop for the school play, the mission's school, that is. It's Domino Servite School, you can take a look at their website :

Anyway the high school students did a stage performance of "A Christmas Carol" and it was spectacular!! The props, costumes and the set was so realistic and beautiful. Unfortunately, I couldn't take any photo's but if you keep an eye on their website, they should upload some photo's soon. I'm sure that the main mission website will upload some too. For those of you who don't know that website, it is :
Last year, Cedar College of Education did a play, I'm not sure if I mentioned it on my blog before or not. You can see some photo's from that play on CCE's website which is :
Renate was the lead in that play by the way!! It was also very well done!

Anyway, back to Saturday, the play was at 7 in the evening and due to travel time, we arrived home at about 23:00! Quite late! So, as we were coming up our driveway, we saw a jackal! Yes, a jackal! I didn't even know that there were any in our area. Well, when he saw that he had some onlookers, he ran into one of the greenhouses next to our house. We decided to leave him alone as he (or she) wasn't really doing any harm. He was just as surprised to see us. If you've never heard of a jackal before, it's a bit like a cayote. You should Google it. ;)
We tend to miss lots of wildlife that visit our farm during the night and early morning, thankfully we were right on time to see that little guy! ;)

Claridge has received lots of rain lately and we are very thankful for that. Though, we continue to pray for the rest of South Africa, I heard that the Free State is very, very dry....animals and plants are dying.

I don't have any photo's for you guys this time unfortunately!

May the Lord bless you,
Sele'ha Mikhaila ♡

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