Sunday, November 8, 2015

Dry Days


This is just a short post to keep you guys going. :)
Well, these days have been HOT! You would not believe it, just a few days ago, it was really cold and then it just became hot! It's a wonder that we can adjust to this extreme change in weather. Though, some people did catch a cold, especially the children. Kids get sick easily!
The land is very dry at the moment too, we really need some rain! Today, we've heard that in some parts of South Africa 30 000 cows have died due to this drought. The rivers are low and one has dried up completely. I don't mean to dampen your mood with the news but just remember to pray for rain in KwaZulu-Natal! Other parts of South Africa seem to be fine as far as I know.

Blitzy was very skinny when she came back from the cattery last week. We're pretty sure that Joshy took the lion's share of the food there. So, we will definitely have to put them in separate enclosures next time! Anyway, Blitzy has fattened up a bit and is returning to her curious personality and wild antics!
Curly and Lassie are really close friends now, Curly is acting as if she is a puppy now, playing and wanting to be outside with her pal most of the time.
My Dad returned to his task of finishing the deck, it's really a tiring job especially in this heat!
So, everyone is back to work and studies and we have resumed the routine of life once again.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila ♡

Joshy, enjoying the afternoon shade in our courtyard.

And Curly, squinting as the sun shines in her little eyes.

Then Blitzy at the front door, staring at Curly & Joshy from inside the house. 

My Mom was not too well recently and my Dad gifted her with these beauties! Notice the lilac one --->

It's sitting proudly on our dining-room table. ;)

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