Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sewing, Storms and Some Hail

Hi there!

We are so thankful for the rain we have received this week!! Though, don't stop praying for the rest of South Africa, which is very dry. It has been cold this week, we had to even use the heater!

My parents bought me a lovely sewing machine recently and I've been trying it out! My Mom will give me proper lessons soon, she is very talented with sewing. Actually, my grandmother on my Mom's side and my Mom's aunts from that side are all gifted with sewing! Also, my grandmother on my Dad's side was a dressmaker so, sewing runs in the family as does knitting, embroidery and all sorts of needlework. I'm glad that I've received this love for needlework too and all crafty things, Iike sketching and card-making.

Anyway, today we had a short but powerful storm!! My Dad had just finished some work that he was doing on the roof when the storm arrived, the deck had also just been oiled. There was heavy rain and thunder, a bit of lightning and also hail! Claridge has had hail often actually though this year, we didn't see a lot of it. Thankfully, the hail stones were small.

Curly and Joshy had instantly gone into fear mode when the thunder sounded but little Blitzy was so hyperactive then! One time, Joshy just sat all solemnly outside the room, with that worried look on his little ginger face. Then, Blitzy raced down the hallway, bounced against the wall and onto him! As she flew towards him, she shot her skinny paws up and it knocked into Joshy's chest! Poor Josh! He just hissed at her and ran away, he doesn't like to show Blitzy that he is worried or afraid.
The storm lasted only a few minutes and then it stopped and the kids calmed down, including the wild little one, Blitz.

Kenzo came to visit Curly, she was so excited, she hadn't seen him in quite a while!

Anyway, here are a few photo's for you to enjoy!

God bless,
Sele'ha Mikhaila ♡

P.S You see? I am updating more often now. ;)

Curly, caught during a yawn ;)

Blitzy tightly curled up due to the cold.

Blitzy on her shelves at night, I'm trying to sleep whilst she burns her energy off!

Kenzo and Curly

She's so scared during storms!

My Mom made a delicious stew for us!

The hail, bad quality picture, sorry.

More flowers have bloomed!

 Hydrangeas, one of my favorite flowers!

Little Lassie, fooling around!

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