Sunday, November 18, 2012

Haircuts & A Naughty Kitten

Sorrrry for not posting the pictures but I've been so busy lately! The "kids" are fine, all are sleeping. It's so cold here!!! I know just the other day was extremely hot but that's how the weather is here! One day it's hot and the next day it could be cold! You sure can't predict the weather.

Yesterday was another hot day and so my Mum decided to give Curly a little haircut. We didn't think it'll be cold today but she has a very thick coat of fur, so she should be fine. Her owners are gone away for awhile so...she's bunking with us. We don't mind though and Blitzy is fascinated with her. Joshy ,well, he just doesn't care what really happens around him. As long he has food and a warm bed, he'll be fine!

Blitzy was so naughty today! We were getting ready for church and she was running around madly! She's supposed to have matured a bit, since she is over a year old but nothings really changed! Except that she does sleep a little more often now.

Okay this post is very short but I can't help it, it's time to feed the kids! The three of them are staring at me right now! Somehow, they know their feeding time!!! Byeee



  1. fantastic work, i really appreciate it your effort Lost and found

  2. Hi, thanks so much, I really appreciate it. Sorry, I only saw your comment now! I will check more often from now on. ;)